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Founded in 2002 by Mr.Dai Jianghua who is an inaugurator in China’s lithium primary battery industry, Wuhan Fanso Technology Co., Ltd. (Wuhan Fute Technology Co., Ltd. ) is the most powerful professional manufacturers of lithium primary batteries in China., the company developed rapidly in recent years, the annual growth is more than 30%.
The company has strong technical force, has a team engaged in the research of lithium primary battery for more than 30 years including a number of earliest senior experts in China. We are first one to promote the application of lithium primary battery in industrial field and military field. Fanso fully deserves a leading position in a lithium primary battery industry. High power lithium battery 3.6V series products passed the identification of scientific and technological achievements organized by Wuhan Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, and was included in the national Torch Plan projects; Lithium high temperature (150 DEG C) primary battery can replace the similar foreign high-tech products, filled the domestic blank, set up high temperature lithium battery enterprise standards. New technology, new product "foil flexible packaging Li-MnO2 battery” was recognized as" Wuhan Science and technology achievement ", was included in the national Torch Plan project"; Li-SOCL2 battery cathode pellet machine "won the" utility model "national patent certificate,  and got other patents in a  lithium primary battery’s technology, formula and structure.
The company passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification, quality assurance system. Products has passed through the UL, CE, Rohs, MA, UN and many other products certifications.
Fanso was identified as high-tech enterprises in Hubei Province, was awarded the "National Science and Technology Innovation Fund Award", has repeatedly been rated as outstanding enterprises and high-tech enterprises.
Our main products are 3.6V series of lithium - thionyl chloride batteries and 3.0V lithium - manganese dioxide batteries. Currently the company has 14 advanced production lines, with annual production capacity of 28 million lithium primary batteries. 
 Fanso perseveres in the faith "first-class professional technology, excellent product quality and considerate service" for long time, won the trust and recognition of domestic and foreign customers. Fanso Lithium primary battery (3.6V Li-SOCl2 battery and 3.0V Li-MnO2 battery) has the advantages of small volume, high power density, wide operating temperature range, and long life, the products are mainly used in intelligent instrument, water meter, gas meter, RFID, automotive electronics (TPMS), RAM and CMOS circuit, oil exploration medical equipment, burglar alarm and other civilian areas, and are widely used in national defense and military fields like aerospace, underwater weapon, sonar, navigation and military radio etc..
Fanso adheres to the quality policy "excellence, continuous innovation, sincere service, customer satisfaction," sincerely believe that you will make full use of the advantages of Fanso, select Fanso for your service.

Add: NO.1 Sitai Industrial Park, Yongfeng Avenue, Hanyang District, Wuhan City, Wuhan
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